Credit card

carte de crédit pour augmenter sa quoteAll our applications are virtually  approved!

Finally, here is an opportunity to build or recover your credit with a credit card.

With your new people trust Mastercard card in hand , you will have all the tools to build your credit quickly. Every month you will receive your monthly statement showing your purchases and cash advances. Know that the more quickly you send your minimum payment, the more you raise your credit score, month after month.


“Unlike other credit cards with deposit offered on the market, the PEOPLE TRUST MASTERCARD card sends you a monthly Equifax and Transunion credit report.”

Make YOUR REQUEST credit card now


Even if you don’t have a credit rating or if your credit file leaves something to be desired, you can get a secure MasterCardMD Peoples Trust card. To do this, you must:
-Have a verifiable permanent address in Canada
-Be of legal age in your province of residence
-Have a valid social insurance number
-Have gotten a pardon after bankruptcy
-Have a verifiable source of income

What is the minimum required deposit to open a CPG account? A minimum deposit of $500 CAD by personal check is required to open an account.